Cut Tari has finally admitted to being in videos

Indonesian gossip show presenter and model Cut Tari has finally admitted to being in one of three sex videos which have widely circulated through the Internet, after weeks of denial.

Her lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea said Friday her client had confessed to featuring in the video with boyband lead singer Nazriel "Ariel" Ilham. Tari, Ariel and another presenter Luna Maya, have been declared suspects in the video scandal.

"In the case file, we explain that she was in the video with the singer," Hotman said as quoted by

Hotman said the confession came only recently as his client did not want to preempt the police's investigation into the case.

"She [Tari] has been named a suspect since Monday. We did not publish it as we did want to move ahead of the police," he said.

The lawyer said her client was not aware she was being videotaped and who spread the video.

"She has never seen, kept and distributed the video. Men often videotape their love making using cellular phones," he said.

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