Bapak Rogol Anak (Daddy rape daughter)

Bapak Rogol Anak video....Incest seemed to be a favourite pastimes in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Nevertheless it is time that the world knows about what is going on in this countries and how women and children can be abused physically even when they are at home.

In this video we see a teenage girl being forced by his daddy to do what she would never allow her mother to know about. From the words she screamed out, it is quite clear that she is telling her father to stop the nonsense but to no avail.


Father Molest Step Daughter

Indonesia Rhapsody : Step-father molest step-daughter
Yet another Indonesian "incest" story..... repeated over and over again in South-east Asian countries....and they love to videotape their achievements nowadays, no thanks to the advent of handphones with higher quality cameras inside them. We will probably be seeing more of what is going on in those poorer countries. How people are torturing and destroying the young ones, with the help of weak and corrupted governments.